What customers value and how they live is forever changed. Companies can’t use the same CX approach as two years ago and assume it will still work.

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In this white paper, CX expert and best-selling author Blake Morgan shares five trends shaping CX in 2022.

You’ll learn why these trends are happening, why they matter and what brands can do to prepare.

If you make people's lives easier and better, you will always have an audience.


Blake shares this message with people all over the world.

She is the author of two books on customer experience, and her bestselling "The Customer Of The Future" (HarperCollins) was identified by Business Insider as one of the top 20 books executives are reading to deal with COVID-19. In 2021, the book won a top 5 spot on Book Authority's list of the "Top 100 Future Of Technology Books of All-Time."

Blake was recently called a top 40 global female keynote speaker by Real Leaders Magazine. She is the host of The Modern Customer Podcast, is happily married, and has two amazing kids.

“Blake has a unique ability to take a complex topic such as how technology is reshaping the customer experience and break it down for audiences to easily understand and implement.”



CEO, Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

“Customer experience is a critical business opportunity, but it can be challenging for employees to understand and act on. Blake really brought this topic to life with a compelling and entertaining presentation for my leadership team.”



Chief People Officer, Walmart, former CHRO, Adobe

“Blake delivered an impactful speech on customer experience to our senior leadership team. She left us with inspiring ideas we could apply to our own manufacturing business.”



VP Supply Chain, Parker Hannifin

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